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About TOP Estate Hotel

We provide

  • Yake hotel provide all kinds of job opportunities and substantial income for our staff

Excellent working environment

  • As a staff in Yake, You are an important member of the high efficiency team. We are all proud of our company enjoying a good reputation in the service industry. It’s our own feature that staffs in Yake have sincere friendship wholeheartedly and excellent working environment

Good salary and other treatment

  • Yake Hotel provides good salary and protection plan within hotel industry. In addition, we provide many other welfares, as well as excellent environment and rewards for personal achievements.

Staff achievements

  • Yake’s reputation connects closely with the excellent service from every staff. The sophisticated training and development plan provide opportunities toward success, which encourages every staff’s personal development and career development. Yake Hotel provides ways of promotion and achievement, releasing every staff’s potential.


【position data】

Front Manage 2010-8-12 READ
Front reception 2010-8-12 READ
Sales manager 2010-8-12 READ
Sales 2010-8-12 READ
Financial director 2010-8-12 READ
Cadet in all departments (personnel department, finance department, reservation department, front office department and customer service department) 2010-8-12 READ